Gabrielle Orcutt Photography | Children

Hailey Straub Two YearsFlora 6 months and ChelseyLily & Hailey Christmas Portraits 2011Brooklyn 3 year portraitsHailey turns Three July 2012Hannah Quick 2nd BirthdayKensi turns 2 at the ParkLily is threeHannah Quick Birthday 2013Adalynn Straub June 2014Kensi turns 3 August 2014Lily 4 years Sept 20142015-08-02 Kensi Dunlap 42015-10-15 Lily Orcutt 5 yearMacklin Mays 6 months 2015-12-052016-09-11 Kristen Kougar2016-10-15 Kensi Dunlap2017-06-20 Reed Ingram2017-10-15 Kensi Dunlap 6 yrs old2017-10-14 Lily 7yr Malcolm 3yr2018-12-15 Bronson Mays 6 months